Best Motivational Speech of All Time

Happy Friday to everybody.  I just wanted to share one of my favorite motivational speeches of all time from the legendary Sly.  If I am still anywhere near his status in my mid-60’s, making tons of money doing what I want and in great shape, I will consider myself fortunate.  Here is the speech from Rocky 6, enjoy!

Too Much Avocado: Avocadon’t

I know, I know.  You love avocado.  You don’t want to hear anything negative about it.  I understand.  We are in the same boat here.  But hear me out before you judge this post by the title. It isn’t as bad as it seems I promise…


Recently I came across this little article that posed the question: can you have too much avocado?The answer unfortunately is yes.  But not because avocado has some micronutrient or phytochemical that will make your fingernails fall out if you have too much of it.  The reason is much simpler: because avocados are high in fat.

“What?!  I thought avocados were full of good fat!  Isn’t it supposed to be a super food?”, you ask.  Yes, you are right.  The fat in avocados is wonderful for your brain, heart, and almost everything else in your body.  That is not the concern with the fat.  It simply boils down to a question of calories.  As it was stated in the article, an average avocado has around 250 calories because of the fat content so, while the fat is good for you, if you eat too many in a day you could simply be taking in more calories than you burn which can hamper any weight loss efforts you make be making.

And the fact that avocado has become the go-to powerhouse ingredient for food companies trying to health up their menus means that it is EVERYWHERE, so it may be easier for you to get more than you need.

So basically, go ahead and eat that avocado on your steak torta or in your tortilla soup, just skip the avocado icecream later ok?

Tulum, Mexico: A Mind, Body, and Soul Retreat

When most people think of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, they think of Cancun and Cozumel.  They think of a long strip of luxury all-inclusive hotels that cater to your every need, long nights in world famous clubs dancing to EDM by the best DJs, and short lazy days recovering on white sand beaches so they can do it all again the next night.  Basically Vegas at the beach.  Personally for me, even thinking about that type of thing is a little exhausting and furthermore, it is lacking any culture whatsover.  Most people who visit Cancun only know the colors of the Mexican flag because of the Mexican flag shots available at all of the beachside bars. But there is a whole other side to the Yucatan that offers the polar opposite of what you find in Cancun.

A little further south lies the quaint city of Tulum.  If you are like me and are looking for a vacation to the Yucatan that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, this little known gem is the place for you.  Tulum offers a fulfilling blend of beachside bliss and Maya Mexican culture that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed as opposed to broke and burned out.  Tulum is broken down into two main areas with two very distinct sets of offerings. The beach strip, and the town.

The beach area is a long strip full of boutique resorts built in a mix of classic Maya and Spanish architectural syles that rarely if ever break the forest canopy in height, and restaurants offering fusion foods and drinks.  In the hotels, you can roll right out of bed onto soft white sands as the caribbean breeze kisses you good morning and go for a walk on the edge of the emerald and azure water lapping at your satisfied bare feet.  No thumping dance music, no crowds, just the sound of your thoughts and a friendly “buenas” from happy passers-by and hotel employees.


The vibes at the restuarants at the beach, which usually don’t open until evening, are equally as chill.  With low light settings and barely a wall in sight to seperate you from the jungle, you truely feel as one with your surroundings.  The food offerings are typically fusion and boast organic, fresh, vegetarian, vegan, & locally grown credentials for the most scrupulous of diners. Just bring some mosquito repellant because no walls means no barriers for the little blood suckers!

The beach also has tranquil spa, massage, and yoga options for the weary traveler.  Some hotels have their own spas such as Amansala, Kore Tulum, and Ahau, amongst others that offer daily yoga classes and beach front or in-room massage, and some of these offerings are stand alone spa and yoga practices such as Mayan Clay Spa, and Yaan Wellness which offer extensive wellness menus.

This is a view of a massage on the beach in front of Cabo Azul Resort.

For all of this spiritual luxury you can expect to pay a little more than you would for a normal trip to Mexico.  Hotels at the  beach typically range in the $200-400 dollar per night range and massages range from $40-120 dollars per hour.  But if you are looking to spend a few less pesos, there are more options…

The town of Tulum, located about 2 miles from the main beach drag, has a totally different yet equally laid back vibe to the beach. Locals are a mix of Mexicans from all over the country who come to live and experience the laid back essence of the town mixed with local Maya decendents and a sprinkling of international expats who got a taste and could never leave.  The town boasts cheaper and more authentically local shopping and dining, with sit-down restaurants and food carts offering everything from steaming Tacos al Pastor with spicy salsa verde to fresh fried whole fish and guacamole.  You truely begin to feel your troubles melt away and that old smile come back as you sip on a profusely sweating Sol beer to wash down the freshly-fried, salty chips that acompany your meal.


The town has mutliple options for sleeping including hostels such as Jardin De Frida, and Hostel Chalupa, as well as affordable Hotels like Pacha Tulum, and Hotel La Mariposa. The hostels generally have kitchens and adjoined bars and restaurants so you can meet other travelers and share stories, drinks, and travel tips. Some of the hotels offer air conditioning and warm water for those who just gotta have the comforts of home as well so you can still luxuriate even though you are not paying top dollar.

Getting to the beach and to all of the local activites from town is easy, as there are multiple options for getting around including bike rentals for about four dollars per day, taxis, and local collectivo buses that wont break the bank.  Head out to one of the natural springs, called “cenotes” locally, and swim in the cool spring waters for a refreshing jolt to your energies.  The most prolific of them being Dos Ojos, where the water is a clear cobalt blue allowing you to truely wonder at the underwater caves system as you snorkel through.


From there head to Aktun Chen Natural Park for a Zip Line, a swim in the underground river or a walk through the dry caves which are a National Geographic Top 10 Must-Do.  You can view some of the local wildlife and even pay a visit to Sammy, a friendly local monkey who was injured that the park cares for…


Don’t forget to check out the local Maya ruins of Tulum for a stroll through the past as the ancient port displays the majesty and power of history’s greatest astronomers.  Ruins date back to the 11th century AD in one of the last Maya cities to be built.  The energy of this enigmatic and stoic civilzation can be felt as you walk through the anciet city streets…


And lastly, hire a boat at Playa Pescadores to take you out snorkeling to the reef about 200 yards off shore.  You will swim with tropical fish as they glide in and out of the world’s 3rd largest live reef extending from the Yucatan all the way to Honduras.  Boat rides typically cost around $20 USD and last about an hr.  Fishing is also available for a little bit more on the other side of the reef.


All-in-all Tulum offers an activities, hotel, and dining package that can suit any budget.  If you are looking for a vacation that you will return from feeling refreshed and rejuvenated instead of rundown and rancid, consider Tulum.  You won’t regret it…

Lyric of the Day: 5/27/15

So I count my blessings

and give praise to the master

that through all the disaster

we’re still here together after

better count your blessings…

Damian Marley – Count Your Blessings